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File Submission for Prepress
Many variables exist in creating “printable” files. To help Senton deliver your job on time and error-free please read and adhere to these simple guidelines.

Senton accepts both Mac and PC formats

Adobe® PDF (Portable Document Files)
Adobe® has made it very simple to create files using the PDF format. This is the preferred format for sending electronic files to Senton. For more information contact your Senton Sales Professional @ 519-455-5500 or visit and search for “PDF job options” to learn more.

File Naming
Keep file names short and without special characters if possible.

Page Layout
• Build pages to their final trim size
• Avoid using manually built marks to indicate outside-edge trims
• Ensure page elements that bleed are at least 1/8˝ past trim
• Make sure placed TIFF files have a background colour – usually white
• Avoid saving the file with a multitude of colours NOT being used
• Remove all elements from the file that are not part of the job itself
• Placed files that contain clipping paths should be created in Adobe® Photoshop®
• Do not assign styles to fonts within the application – use the actual font
• Do not build dielines in page layout programs – use a vector application such as Adobe® Illustrator®

Vector Graphics
• When building vector elements make sure the colour names match those of the page-layout file
• Specify colours as “special”, “spot” or “process” depending on final output
• Remove any stray points or elements from the pages – especially dielines
• Avoid embedding images in vector applications
• Be sure to include any linked or embedded images when you submit the job
• Be sure your Adobe® Illustrator® file is set to CMYK and not the RGB colour model

Raster Graphics
• Avoid submitting RGB files – CMYK preferred
• Avoid submitting “gif” or “jpeg” compressed files
• Avoid submitting low resolution files – 300 dpi preferred
• Avoid colour managing files or embedding colour profiles
• Preferred file types are TIFF, EPS, DCS, and DCS 2

Although Senton can work with many different file types, these are the most common “Industry-Standard”
applications we accept:

Page Layout
Adobe® InDesign®

Vector Graphics
Adobe® Illustrator®

Raster Graphics
Adobe® Photoshop®

• Senton accepts electronic files via E-Mail, CD, DVD, or FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
• Please include hard-copy proofs or PDF’s of the latest working files
• Include all fonts (printer and screen) and all support files (graphics and pictures)
• To eliminate courier charges and move your project along faster, we recommend you use our high-speed
FTP site to transport your file – ask your Senton Sales Professional @ 519-455-5500 for details
• You can access our FTP site using Fetch (Mac users) or another commonly used FTP Client software
• For security purposes, you will be assigned a case-sensitive password to access your Senton FTP site